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All of us would probably admit that we could lead at a higher level if we had a coach who would help us maximize our strengths, work through our weaknesses, and hold us accountable on the commitments we make to God, others and ourselves. God knows our full potential in Him and He wants to grow us as leaders. Sometimes it helps to have someone help us recognize what God is doing in, around and through us, and then encourage us to move forward.

Does this describe where you are, or where your organization is, right now?

Whether it’s one-on-one coaching for you as an individual leader or facilitated team coaching for your entire leadership team, a trained, certified BMI Leadership Coach is standing by to help.

What is BMI Leadership Coaching?

BMI receives a large number of requests for counsel each year from church and marketplace leaders seeking to know and do God’s will in their organizations.

In response BMI has developed and trained a network of leadership coaches to come along side those seeking to experience God, hear Him clearly and be accountable for following through on what He asks of them.Our coaches are specifically trained to serve men and women in vocational Christian ministry, and Christian business leaders seeking to impact the marketplace for the Kingdom.

“BMI Leadership Coaches help you experience God, hear Him clearly and follow through on what He asks.”

BMI Leadership Coaches are trained professionals who maintain strict confidentiality with their clients. They do not consult or tell you what to do. Rather, they come along side you (or your whole team) to work and pray with you. They ask deep questions to help you know God, and yourself, better.

Their mission is to equip you to discern God’s voice more clearly so you gain the clarity and perspective you need to lead at a higher level and fulfill your calling.



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