Workshop/ Certification FAQ

Do I have to complete the workshop prior to enrolling in the Certification process?

The normal process is to complete the workshop prior to enrolling in Certification. However, portions of the Certification may be completed prior to the workshop. Contact for more information. This may be helpful for those persons who have time constraints for completion.

Will I have to return to a specific location to complete my Certification?

No. Once the Coaching Workshop has been completed, the rest of the training can be completed from where you live. Coaching practice in peer coaching groups may, for example, happen over the phone, by video etc—your peer coaching group will decide how to meet for coaching practice.

What types of people have attended this workshop?

Hundreds of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, denominations, and career paths have taken this training. These have included pastors, executive and leadership coaches, consultants and marketplace leaders, denominational leaders, non-profit leaders, life business and leadership coaches, parents, Christian lay persons. Our training has been sponsored by the largest Christian executive business roundtable group in the US (C12 Forum), by Gideon’s International, several state and regional-level denominational organizations, churches and internationally on four different continents since 2012.

Will I be pressured during the workshop to enroll in the Certification process?

No. Many who take our basic-level workshop or course find that this meets their needs for a basic introduction to essential spiritual leadership coaching skills. Some choose to enroll in certification to develop those skills to a high level. We celebrate however God leads you to participate. Really!

Is this just skills training, or is there more to it than that?

There is much more. Our Certification process is designed to develop your skills while also deepening your spiritual life. Besides coach training, we introduce you to a unique 40-day spiritual journaling process that helps you connect the dots between God’s word, prayer and His activity both in and around you. You will also receive four mentor coaching sessions to help you grow as a person, coach and servant of God. Additionally, many of our coaches have spoken of how they have greatly benefitted from the peer community that they formed. Some have kept in touch for years after completing Certification.

Is your training approved by the International Coach Federation?

YES! For over a decade, BMI has been offering our Spiritual Leadership Coaching Workshop and Certificate process. Since 2019, this has been an ICF-approved training process. Initially, ICF awarded both Core Competency and Resource Development credits. In 2022, ICF changed the program credit limits and processes. Therefore, our training, though, unchanged in terms of content, is now awarded ICF credits under the following ICF Course Names:

  • Course One: Essentials of Spiritual Leadership Coaching   CCE credits = 30 (Core Competencies)
  • Course Two: Peer Coaching Process   CCE credits 30 (Core Competencies)
  • Total ICF Core Competencies to be earned 60 credits
  • Additionally, BMI separately awards the following Resource Development credits 65.5
  • Total CCE Credits awarded 120.5 (ICF and BMI)

Persons who complete our Certification process have enough pre-approved training units to apply for an ACC credential through the ICF Portfolio Pathway. Additional requirements must also be met including 100 coaching experience hours, 10 additional hours of mentor coaching, a Coaching Knowledge Assessment, etc. If you are interested in pursuing a coaching credential through ICF in addition to your Blackaby Certification, let Bob Royall, Director of Coaching know so he can support your journey toward an ICF credential. He can be reached at