BMI Leadership Coaching FAQs

Q. Does the coaching occur over the phone or face-to-face?

A. Either. To keep expenses down, most of our clients request that we work with them over the phone. This can be very effective, especially as the relationship between the coach and client develops over time. Face-to-face sessions can be arranged (with the client bearing the costs of travel) especially if the coach is engaged to work with a leadership team in addition to a particular leader.

Q. Is a long-term contract required?

A. No. The benefits of leadership coaching are generally best realized over time, hence most leadership coaching organizations generally set a minimum engagement period of 9 months to a year. To keep this service affordable, BMI has established a three session minimum term. This only applies if you decided to continue after the Initial Coaching Assessment session.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. The Initial Coaching Consultation is free. If after that session you decide not to proceed with an ongoing engagement, there are no fees. If you continue, there is Spiritual Leadership Assessment which costs $250.  After that, you and your coach collectively decide to move forward with an on-going leadership coaching engagement, you would plan a schedule, and payment plan that works best for you and what you hope to achieve. Our coaches have differing experience levels and associated fees. We will work with you to find the right coach at a price that works for you.

Q. How long should I utilize a coach?

A. That obviously depends on what you sense God wants to change in your life and leadership. Some clients have one specific issue. A BMI coach will help them identify a clear issue and specific goals to achieve to address it. If clients have several issues or goals they want to address, the coaching process could take a year or longer. BMI coaches are willing to stay with clients until they believe they have achieved what God intended for their life. 

Q. What is the basic process BMI coaches use?

A. Coaches do not tell you what your problems are or set goals for you. They guide you to discover the issues in your life and the work God wants to do. They then assist you in setting specific goals that will get you to where God wants you to be. The coach then encourages you as well as holds you accountable to your goals and commitments until you have successfully arrived at your God-ordained destination.