Comments from Recent Participants

Most Recent Coaching Workshop (Fall 2019)

  • There are so many great moments. The atmosphere was an immediate stand out. It was clear that the time would be relaxed, safe with a pure humble reveal of the proven Blackaby program. Spiritual Leadership at this level will serve the world. Inspired to get involved.
  • The opportunity to practice what we had just learned was very helpful. Also – I really appreciated Bob’s approach to leading. It was humble and welcoming. I felt totally comfortable and able to learn.
  • Blackaby covers the bases and allows participants to press in early, comfortably and relational. I found the key to my own desire and core value to Coach; building relationships and walking along side another person in transition, to be the heart of Blackaby as well.
  • I will certainly be able to put all I learned into practice. I so appreciated the precious gift of your family testimony at dinner and the chance to see God’s love and faithfulness through your sharing.

Previous Workshops

  •  I especially appreciated the way Brett and Bob acknowledged and invited God into the workshop from the very beginning, and we saw God work from beginning to end. They demonstrated the love and grace of Christ throughout.
  • Very clearly laid out the principles, taking time to invite God in at various points. Loved seeing the two coaching situations [modelled] and experiencing the triads.
  • An amazing transformational training!
  • I certainly enjoyed the casual, encouraging atmosphere. The workshop leaders were readily available to any and all persons and questions. The teaching material was easy to follow and explained with concrete examples. The practice exercises were extremely revealing. The level of trust achieved in such a short amount of time shows that the leaders exude trustworthiness.
  • Gave me tools to help people discover God and answers for themselves.
  • The skills in this training go beyond coaching! Good principles for healthy relationships. The power of listening.
  • Brett and Bob were completely unique in their gifts, yet completely aligned in their message.
  • The friendly, open atmosphere made the learning experience enjoyable!
  • I especially enjoyed the transparency of presenters—their faith, life experiences and wisdom. I also liked the content and method of presentation, with involvement of the attendees.
  • The emphasis on and experience of listening to God speak was powerful, the pace was good, and the two presenters were great—who they are, what they know, and their ability to communicate.
  • I loved the breakout sessions where we were able to put into practice the things we had been taught.
  • The coaching triads were a good “hands on” application to the material.
  • I loved several things: interactive learning from others filled with practice and application, one-on- one time with Bob and Brett, autographed book by Henry and Richard, and good info on how to integrate Scripture and prayer with coaching.
  • Venue was great, relaxed environment. Bob and Brett were excellent! Triads were challenging and helpful and material excellent. Great learning experience, relevant to my life and ministry.
  • I enjoyed learning the coaching skills in an interactive way; my triad work was profound for me personally!
  • Facilitator/presenters were excellent. Material was well-conceived, organized and presented. Valuable tools for all communication and relationships.
  • I liked the practical application in the triads best. This portion of the training was the most frightening to me at first; however, once involved in the coaching process, some of my abilities to coach became apparent.
  • The triad practice and the meeting venue were my favorites!!!
  • Presenters Bob and Brett were well-prepared, very knowledgeable on the subject of coaching— terrific presentations which helped to develop a fun environment! Richard Blackaby did a terrific job relating to the group and imparting life lessons. Spiritual pain funnel was excellent!
  • I really enjoyed the triad coaching sessions. I got some significant actions that, if implemented, will minimize the chaos in my life.
  • Wow, I don’t have a best! I loved being coached—what a gift—a gift I want to give too! Great overview that I will want to use in different ways. And best of all: I met God!
  • I am 68 years old, and this is the best workshop that I have ever attended!
  • I came to this workshop to enhance my job skills, and I got that. But even better, God changed my life!