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At the end of your Initial Coaching Consultation, should you and the coach conducting the assessment believe you would benefit from continuing on with Spiritual Leadership Coaching, BMI would match you up with a coach best-suited to help you achieve the goals you’re called to accomplish.

From the time we first receive your expression of interest in coaching, we’re prayerfully working to select a coach we believe will be a good fit for you.  We take a number of elements into consideration and, of course, factor-in your preferences and your budget.  We have coaches that work across a wide range of budgets, and at times scholarship funds may be available.  That said, hiring a coach on an on-going basis is NOT an inexpensive endeavor.

In the secular world of business, most professional executive coaching agreements are long-term (12 months or more) engagements, because the benefits or coaching are generally realized over a sustained period of time.  Transformation best occurs in a safe, trusting relationship of accountability — and that can take time to develop.

Spiritual Leadership Coaching, however, is a bit different because it’s empowered by the Holy Spirit.  Both the “coachee” and the coach are mutually submitted to the transforming power of the Spirit as they seek to more clearly discern the activity of God, and join Him on His agenda.  For this reason, BMI accepts ongoing coaching engagements of shorter duration if desired and appropriate for the goals you’re working to achieve.  Your coach will discuss these options with you when you decide to move forward.

It all begins with the Initial Consultation and the Spiritual Leadership Assessment.  If you have not already completed your Initial Coaching Consultation get started today by registering for one at this link:

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If you have completed the Initial Consultation, but not the Spiritual Leadership Assessment, click here.

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