Coaching Certification

Become a Blackaby Certified Coach

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$2,895 all inclusive includes

– Workshop (workshop registration applied to fee)
– Books
– Spiritual Leadership Assessment Coaching Session
– Three Additional Coaching Sessions
– Triad Placement
– Evaluation and Feedback
– Blackaby Interview
– Signed Certificate
– Website Listing
– Special training opportunities (retreats are extra)

Payment Schedule

– $1,000 to Enroll
– $1,000 with Portfolio Turn-in
– $895 (minus workshop fee) (after portfolio approval) when scheduling Live Coaching Evaluation Session


"When we started our church we knew we wanted to be able to ‘hand-craft followers of Jesus’ one person at a time and have attempted to shift away from cookie cutter programs. But, that’s easier said than done. I grew up in and ministered in churches with a ‘big program’ and Sunday School mindset where people were mass processed in our discipleship efforts. I had a sense that there had to be a better way to come alongside people who wanted to grow and I desperately needed the framework, mindset and skills to do that effectively. I looked at a lot of discipleship programs and coaching options and I decided to add the Coaching Certification from Blackaby International to my tool box. As a pastor I have a dozen or more offers come through my inbox and mailbox monthly to sell me on a new curriculum or a better set of tools to get people into the Bible, etc. But, what I knew I needed most was life on life training in how to coach people into God’s agenda for their lives. I needed to learn how to listen, use scripture properly, how to help someone tune their hearts toward the will of God and then assist him/ her in crafting a personal plan of action. The Blackably Coach Training process is doing all that for me. I’m pumped to sit down with people in our congregation and use the tools that I’ve been given through this process. I’m seeing life change all over the place and people moving onto God’s agenda almost effortlessly. Thanks Bob Royall and Brett Pyle for a great season of training that has already made a huge impact on me and the people I lead."

Jeff Fuson
Founding & Lead Pastor
Phos Community Church /
A coach approach to helping people experience God and lead from His agenda.


- To broaden and expand the Kingdom impact of the Experiencing God and Spiritual Leadership message through the avenue of coaching
- To equip coaches who will possess a recognized skill-set in spiritual leadership coaching
- To have a pool of effective spiritual leadership coaches for referrals
- To bring coaching into its full spiritual potential

Certificate Training Process Intent

To insure that persons certified by BMI have:

1. Fully understood the principles of Experiencing God and Spiritual Leadership.
2. Are continuing to apply that message to their own lives
3. Understand the Twelve Essential Coaching Skills
4. Have practiced integrating those skills within a Spiritual Leadership Coaching context to the level of acceptable competence and commitment

Certificate Training Process Required Elements


Successful completion of the The Dynamics of Spiritual Leadership Coaching Workshop

Read (with writing assignments)
– Experiencing God
– Hearing God’s Voice
– Spiritual Leadership, Revised & Expanded
– Spiritual Leadership Coaching
– (or other assigned reading, as needed by coach-in-training)


Spiritual Leadership Assessment Coaching Session
Three additional Coaching Sessions with a BMI Lead Coach
Thirty Days of Spiritual Journaling (see format below)


Triad coaching—ten sessions, with evaluations, and ten sessions being coached (five each with two different Certification peers)
Additional coaching—fifteen sessions total coaching a minimum of at least three different persons not related to you, with evaluations Coaching sessions should be for at least one hour each.


Coach the Coach Exam
Spiritual Leadership Interview with one of the Blackabys
COMMIT to coach within Blackaby Statement of Beliefs, and according to Seven Realities principles.

PORTFOLIO includes:

– Book Summaries and Reflections
– Spiritual Journal
– Triad Coaching Logs
– Additional Coaching Evaluations (three persons)

Process Completion Deadline

Certification students will have two (2) years to complete the process after enrollment. Those who fail to do so will automatically be placed in INACTIVE STATUS, which will require additional steps and costs on their part. To be reinstated to Active Status, they will need to:

· Request reactivation

· Pay a $100 Reactivation fee

· Re-attend another Basic-level Coaching workshop through BMI

· Re-Activation will grant them an additional year to complete Certification before they would be inactivated again.

Once granted, the certificate must be renewed every two years, with assigned reading and one of these required elements:

– Participation in a Blackaby Coaches’ Retreat
– Skills update mentor coaching session

Prayer Journal elements: Thirty days, total.

- Passage read
- Focus verse(s) for deeper reflection
- What do these verses say about God, His Purposes, and/or His Ways?
- What is God saying to me through this Scripture? How should I respond?
- Prayer Response
- End of day reflections on God’s activity during the day

Watch testimony from Claudio Perez on what Certification meant to him: